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Redfern Beach

Redfern Beach
Director: Catriona McKenzie

Brisbane babe Michael Tuahine headlines in a new short film by award-winning director Catriona McKenzie. Redfern Beach is a futuristic fable about a young guy by the name of Max who’s literally stuck in a black-and-white world ruled by money and greed.

Working as a fish gutter, he conceals his secret infatuation for the boss’ daughter and dreams of finding a place for himself in the world. Then he meets an old bagman who presents him with a magic fishing lure – magic because it’s the only coloured object in a monochrome world. When Max decides to go fishing with his new lure, strange things begin to happen.

Catriona describes the alluring 15-minute short as “a fairy tale. When Max goes fishing, he learns about another world, a world of magic, and he learns about the soul and the logic of the ocean. It changes his perspective forever.”

Shot on a tiny budget, this amazing mini-movie combines traditional filmmaking techniques with the latest in digital effects.

Catriona, who won an AFI award for her short film Box, is about to complete her MA (Hons) in directing at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School. She has studied at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, and worked with director Ridley Scott (Gladiator) in Los Angeles.

Redfern Beach will premiere after screenings of two of Catriona’s previous films, Box and Road.

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