Puberty Blues (Puberty)

Going through puberty? It’s not the end of the world.

Puberty is the time in your life when your sexual organs start to mature ” that means your body starts to become capable of making babies. But before any outward changes happen, there’s lots of things changing on the inside as you body starts to produce special hormones. This can effect the way you think, feel and act.

Puberty usually occurs at around 11 to 14 for most girls, and about 13 to 16 for most bys. But if it happens any time before or after then, there’s no need to worry ” every body is different.

It can be tough dealing with all the sudden changes going on in your body. You might feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Remember that everyone goes through puberty “there’s nothing strange or wrong with you, and you have nothing to be shame about.

Also, all those new hormones coursing through your body can cause major mood swings. Don’t worry ” this will soon settle down.

You might also find that the way you think starts to change. This is because you’re starting to form your own set of beliefs, morals and values, and are relying less on your parents for knowledge. You might also find yourself asking those deep questions ” who am I? Why are we here? This is because you’re starting to develop your own identity as an individual.

One of the big hassles with puberty is when your relationship with your parents starts to change. You might want more independence, and you may start to act impulsively or rebelliously. Remember that parents can find this a confusing time too ” but they are not the enemy, they’re just worried about you. Try and work things out with your parents in a mature way ” they’re much more likely to trust you then.

If you find all these changes confusing or unsettling, don’t be shame to talk to someone about it. Talk to your doctor or school counsellor, or share your concerns and experiences with your mates ” they’ll be going through the same thing too!

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