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Kevin Fong

Who’s Who Worker Profile: Kevin Fong

As Lord Mayor of Broome and managing director of Goolarri Media Enterprises, Kevin Fong doesn’t get much time to himself. But that doesn’t bother this Broome fulla, who has a passion for fishing, family and Indigenous rights.

When asked how he juggles all his responsibilities – including being a father to Rachel, eight, and Wil, four – he jokingly replies, “I have a punching bag and I’m a laptop freak.”

But seriously, what is the key to this humble over-achiever’s success? “The thing that drives me is making a difference to our community. As Lord Mayor I chair about 12 boards and another five boards with Goolarri. Time management is fundamental to me.”

Apart from managing his time, Kevin believes he doesn’t ‘burn out’ because of the time he spends with his young family.

“My children really relax me,” he says. “I travel a lot and so when I’m at home I want to spend quality time with them. I like going bush and living off the country catching fish, crabs and collecting oysters.”

The most exciting project Kevin has been involved with was when he worked with the Aboriginal Development Commission and bought back over 20 cattle stations for Indigenous communities at a time when land rights claims were not being considered by the West Australian government.

“I see my role as making a difference in terms of Indigenous rights and making sure that essential services can be accessed. My job is to try and maintain the balance between economics and social and cultural aspects.”

Kevin believes maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle has been essential to his success. “A good body and mind makes for good decision making.”

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