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Hold onto your dreams

What a talented bunch of people fill the pages of Deadly Vibe. We have Christine Anu, Troy Cassar-Daley, Anthony Mundine, Kyle Vander-Kuyp, Aaron Pedersen, Cathy Freeman and Deb Mailman, just to name a few. These are people who have achieved at the top level in their fields, from all around Australia, who have been voted as the deadliest people around by everyone out there.

What makes all these people so exceptional? So remarkable? How can they achieve so much? How can we become exceptional at what we do, just like our heroes in this month’s Vibe?

Well, we all have the possibility of achieving at this level if we put our mind to it. What all these Deadly winners have in common is that they know what they want, they believe in themselves, are passionate about what they do and know how to deal with the obstacles that they face along the way.

The success and achievement of our heroes has not just happened overnight. Along their journey towards success, they would have stepped outside their boundaries, outside their comfort zones and taken a few risks and challenges.

Remember, if you have a dream follow it. Education is extremely important but just because you have not completed a full education does not mean that you cannot follow and fulfil your dreams. So if you have a goal and a dream and want to succeed, you have to stay motivated, stay focused, believe in yourself, really believe in yourself and be persistent.

Who knows – you may even win a Deadly for your efforts. A lot of our nominees have some great stories of how they began, got started and dreamed of being nominated or winning a Deadly. And now here they are.

So find your dream and go for it! And have fun on the way!

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