Deadly Vibe’s Christmas Survival Guide

Follow our advice and get through the silly season in one piece.

Christmas is the best time of the year – getting together with family and friends, the presents, the parties, the drink, the food . . . It can be hard not to overindulge in pretty much everything, and it can also be hard not to get totally stressed out.

Food, glorious food
It doesn’t help that at this time of year you’re surrounded by an abundance of all things delicious – cakes, lollies, chips, enormous roast dinners coated in gravy. Although it’s okay to treat yourself with small amounts of these high fat and high sugar foods occasionally, at Christmas time we tend to eat an awful lot of these foods in a short space of time.

To help you avoid turning into an elephant over the festive season, try to limit how much of these bad foods you eat, and use healthy alternatives whenever you can.

For instance, rather than having rich, creamy desserts, take advantage of the huge range of delicious fruits that are available. Mangoes, melons, stone fruits and bananas all taste fantastic, are good for you, and are a great way to end a meal.

Savoury snacks like chips are high in fat and salt, and it can be really hard to eat just one. Think about trying low fat snacks which are just as yummy, but are much better for you and your waistline. Pretzels, sliced vegies, rice crackers and breads are some options worth considering.

Keep on moving.
Although it’s hard to keep up your regular exercise routine at this time of year, that doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon any sort of physical activity. Take a walk after lunch, join in a game of backyard cricket. Or go for a swim at the beach or local pool. This will not only help you to stay healthy, it will also make you feel a lot better.

Money matters
Christmas can be an expensive time, especially if you have a big family. To avoid over-spending, set out some guidelines beforehand. Set a spending limit for each person, or organise a Kris Kringle, where everyone draws one name out of a hat and then buys a gift only for that person. Also, try to space out your spending so that you don’t end up paying for everything at the last minute, as this can leave a big hole in your wallet.

But mostly, it’s important to remember that Christmas isn’t really about the presents – it’s about spending quality time with friends and family.

Family Friction
While it’s great to spend time with family, it can also get pretty stressful. For instance, if parents are separated, problems can arise with who should spend Christmas where. Try to divide your time equally and fairly, and don’t let people pressure you into feeling guilty. Also, try to avoid bringing up any sensitive topics – the last thing you want at the Christmas dinner table is an all-out brawl!

Limiting the amount of alcohol consumption at family gatherings can also be a good idea. Apart from the health benefits, too much alcohol can bring simmering resentments to the surface. Tempers can flare and issues that should remain in the past can suddenly rear their ugly heads again. Also, if your sugar consumption has been high, the liver has a harder time metabolising alcohol. Your body will prioritise the metabolism of sugar, meaning that alcohol will stay in your system for longer.

From all of us at Deadly Vibe, we hope you have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas.

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