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Deadly Sounds Episode 1030 – Kevin Starkey

 This Week on Deadly Sounds

What makes you smile when you wake up in the morning? Whatever it is, make that your career. This philosophy belongs to Kevin Starkey and music makes him smile.

Kevin’s been playing music for around 30 years, mainly to his family. That was until four years ago, when Kevin entered an open mic event.

“It was an open mic in NSW, at Woolgoolga on the north coast, and friends of mine were running that. They pressured me over about two months to get up and actually play some music, and I was very shy,” says Kevin.

“They created a monster, I think. Once I got up and started playing I just couldn’t stop.”

Kevin will be performing at festivals around the country from September through to March next year but will be absent from the hotel circuit.

“In my music career I decided that the only place to take my music is to the mob and to the festivals. I don’t take my music into hotel settings,” says Kevin.

“It’s about the music; it’s not about the alcohol. It’s not about getting out and getting drunk, it’s about enjoying music and bringing a sparkle back into life.”

You can listen to some of Kevin’s music at triple j unearthed or if you want to see his smile live, you can see him at the Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest, 19-21 September 2014. Also, look out for his album to be released early next year.



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