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Deadly Sounds Episode 1022 – Street Warriors

Several years ago, the Street Warriors’ Abie and Warwick Wright collaborated with Shannon Noll to do a version of Goanna’s Solid Rock, which was a huge success.

This week, Abie tells Deadly Sounds how this all came about.

“My brother Wokie, he’s really good mates with Shannon’s cousin and we showed him a song that we had which was a rough recording and it was the Solid Rock track,” says Abie.

“So, he actually gave it to Shannon and, about a week later, they give us a call, and Shannon jumped on the phone and we spoke about it. He loved the song. It just all happened from there.”

Street Warriors also performed Solid Rock with its original writer, Shane Howard, who went on to assist them in recording the track.

“Shane’s got a lot of experience; he’s got a lot more experience than we have, and the different element he brings to our music. It was like us collaborating with him and it was really good for us to learn and grow,” he says

“I think music is a tool that you can use to bring people together and that’s what it’s all about as, first and foremost, musicians bring people together and make people feel good.”

If you want to see the Street Warriors live, their next gig is at the Homeground Festival, Sydney Opera House, 5 and 6 April 2014. Entry is free. Click HERE for more details.


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