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Meet rising star Miah Madden

Jess and MIah2

At only 11 years of age, young Miah Madden has had a stellar start to her acting career. With roles in ‘The Sapphires’ movie, ‘Redfern Now’ and ‘The Darkside’ movie, acting and just being an ordinary young girl is all about the balancing act at the moment.

After a friend’s mother suggested that she audition for a commercial a couple of years ago, Miah has had a steady stream of acting work and she has now worked beside some of the biggest names in the business.

After her first commercial, Miah landed a small part in ‘The Sapphires’ movie, playing a young version of Jessica Mauboy’s character. Having been a fan of Jessica’s for a long time it was a fun and exciting experience for Miah.

“I was always a huge fan of Jessica’s; I have always listened to her music. She has such a nice personality. She’s really nice and it’s always nice to see her. We both did quite a lot of the same activities such as dancing and gymnastics,” she says.

More recently Miah got the chance to once again play a younger Jessica, this time for the video clip of Jess’ latest single ‘Never be the Same’.

While Miah enjoys acting, she is also a keen dancer, doing nine hours a week of classes including tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary and performance. As well as dance, she has just started year 7 and says she has a lot of work but is “handling it all well”. Thanks to support from her family.

Miah is obviously very close to her family and her biggest challenge yet, came when she was away from home for 12 weeks to film upcoming ABC drama ‘The Gods of Wheat Street’.

“I had to go up to Lismore for 12 weeks with my grandmother,” Miah said. “ I was away from my mum for that whole time, which was a bit nerve-wracking. It was a main role so there was a lot of pressure.”

While there is a lot of pressure, Miah has had the chance to work with some seasoned professionals who have offered her some advice. ‘Redfern Now’ director Leah Purcell pulled Miah aside while they were shooting scenes last year for the popular drama and advised: “Not to stress out, not to change too much, not to overact it,” Miah says.

“I really enjoy acting because I love playing different roles and the experience of meeting new people. Playing the characters, putting your life aside and doing something that is totally different. I would really like to stay acting because it’s something I really enjoy, having more experiences.”

With the support of her family and her friends who “are all very supportive of what I do and happy for my success”, Miah is sure to keep appearing on our screens for a long time yet.

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  1. Toni Madden

    How beautiful is that….love you miss miah and jess

  2. cate

    I’ve watched GOWS and been so impressed by Miah. While the whole cast is excellent, Miah’s character Athena is so natural – nothing forced about it at all. Look forward to seeing more over the years 🙂