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Deadly Vibe’s new website: a drum roll please!

You may have already noticed that the Deadly Vibe has a brand-spanking-new website with a whole heap of new features!

Managing Director of the Deadly Vibe Group, Gavin Jones is proud to bring users a new, simpler experience when browsing and navigating the

“We wanted a website that was very intuitive for our people to use. Our online presence needs to fit the needs of lots of different types of people,” Gavin says.

“We also wanted to make sure that the important health information was prominent alongside the music stories – and the education information sat side by side our sport stories.

“We had to look very hard at who we were as an organisation and what we offer the community, and rather than structuring it as the internal structures, we had to structure our information differently and think about how the end user would be using it.

“Before, we were looking at it as how we work as an organisation rather than how the Aboriginal community would interface with us.”

Because Deadly Vibe has such a vast audience, it took several months to pin down what features were most important to the readers of Deadly Vibe magazine.

Deadly Vibe offers more than just quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content, there are also events such as the Vibe 3on3 Hip Hop and Basketball challenges and the Deadlys.

Finding a balance as well as taking into account the usability of the website were priorities for Deadly Vibe.

Along with a fresh new look, the homepage shows more stories, it’s easier to navigate your way through stories in a certain category, read stories by topic or easily find stories about people, celebrities etc.

A new events section with event calendar means that you can see all upcoming events, there are now online forms for easy entry to competitions, you can now see stories related to the story you are reading and the Deadly Sounds page now shows current, previous and flashback episodes.

One of the most exciting features is that new website is now optimised to work on mobile devices and iPads!

“We really wanted our website to be shoulder-to-shoulder with other news and information sites such as or ninemsn where people do go to hang out and see what’s going on,” Gavin says.

“I’m pretty confident and proud that we’ve achieved that.”

So what do you think of the new website layout? We’d love to hear your opinion – let us know in the comments below.

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