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Shari finds her place in curating

Shari Lett is the new intern at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Meet Shari Lett – the new intern at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Shari is a freelance exhibition curator and she believes that art has the ability of art to transform lives.

“I have curated a show for artists who have been in prison. I worked with Dave Nolan from Nowra and he told me that art had a profound effect on him while he was inside. That it stopped him from being broken by the system,” Shari said.

“He made me realise how important art is for people and to convince people that they have skills and talents that they can when they get outside. I am interested in helping create pathways for people to help them work within the arts.”

Shari’s internship at the Goulburn Regional Gallery is part of the NSW Regional Visual Arts Aboriginal Emerging Leadership Program – run out of Lake Macquarie Art Gallery. It goes until May, 2015. She is also currently completing a Bachelor of Art Theory at the College of Fine Arts, Paddington NSW as well as working as a freelance curator.

She is one of four interns in NSW – the others are at Lake Macquarie Art Gallery, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Lismore Art Gallery, and the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo.

As part of the Internship, Shari will also participate in any professional development – going to conferences and meeting different people in the industry.

Shari said she likes being in Goulburn and enjoys working at the gallery.

“I am studying in Sydney, so part of it was convenient because I am staying with a friend at Exeter. I spoke to gallery Director Jane Cush and I was quite interested in some of the projects that she has run here including the Comin Home Soon exhibition and the Places We Know, Places We’ve Been exhibition.

She grew up in Kurrajong, NSW and moved to Sydney to go to University a few years ago. Her other interests, apart from spending a lot of time in galleries, are bushwalking, and horse riding.

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