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More than meets the eye

Day 1

Day one was great! We were visiting Parliament House today and meeting our Members of Parliament to find out a bit more about their job. As we all arrived, we were seated in the House of Representatives and we listened as our guide explained how parliament works. Next we listened to a few speeches and then we got to meet our ministers. I managed to get a photo with Peter Garrett! – Ebony Ryan

Day 2

Today was the day I met with the man who is currently running our country, the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan. However, before meeting with him, the day was comprised of many events and work related activities. There is definitely a lot more involved in a job behind a desk than meets the eye, especially one in the Federal Government! – Jade Murphy-Silver

Day 3

Today was our day to be tourists. We were split into three groups and each went to the National Australia Museum, the Australian War Memorial or the Black Mountain Observatory. – Kaitlyn Kelly

Day 4

Today we went on our work placements and I had the privilege to work at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with two other participants. It was amazing! We got to see how TV production works, we saw the set for the ABC news and we met journalists, which was inspiring for me because that is what I want to be when I leave school. We then went to the radio department and got to mess around on the radio! – Kaitlyn Kelly

Day 5

After meeting such amazing, inspiring and, in general, top people, it was hard to believe that we all had to jet off back to our home towns. It has been such a brilliant and well spent week and I am so thankful to have been chosen to participate. I have met some of the most intelligent Indigenous youth from all over Australia in one gathering. What a week! – Jade Murphy-Silver

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