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Excitement starts in Vibe Alive countdown

Students from across New South Wales will soon be packing their bags to attend the first ever Vibe Alive in Moree to be held on 19 and 20 May at Taylor Oval, Albert Street, Moree.

The two-day youth festival will challenge and inspire the students of Moree as they form teams to compete in Indigenous games, numeracy and literacy activities, dancing, singing and goal-setting to determine the inaugural overall Vibe Alive Moree winner.

Teams race to get the answers to questions about celebrity role models, paint their dream job, interview health professionals, show off their dance skills and quiz people about their careers.

Executive producer Gavin Jones says it is always so exciting to see where schools travelled from to get to the festivals.

“Some schools will travel for three days to get to a festival, for some, it’s only an hour, but everyone who comes enjoys a jam-packed two days of fun and learning,” he said.

“One of the great things about working as a team is that you can build a team that’s good at a variety of things, so there is a mix of talents.

“This means groups are working together, encouraging each other and making new things.”

After a full day of running, playing, creating and setting goals, the lights go up on the big stage and the gates are thrown open for the free community concerts.

The best group performers from the day’s dancing and singing activities are put under the spotlight and the crowds go wild for the celebrity performers: Courtney Walter from So You Think You Can Dance?, Shannon Noll, Street Warriors and comedian Kevin Kropinyeri. Australian boxing legend Tony Mundine will also be on hand for his first appearance at a Vibe Alive event.

Vibe Alive is funded by the Australian Government’s Community Festivals for Education Engagement program, designed to encourage school attendance, retention and healthy lifestyles for all young Australians, in particular, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

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