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Tamworth 2005

Deadly Vibe Issue 96 February 2005

Showcase Starts with a Bang!

Country Music fans in Tamworth flocked to the Oasis Hotel for a deadly taste of country.

Kicking off the Aboriginal Showcase at this year’s Tamworth Festival was the special Oasis Hotel Aboriginal Concert at the Oasis Hotel on Monday, January 17.

Always a huge favourite with festival goers, this year’s concert was the biggest event yet, with over 350 people crowding into the venue to catch some of Indigenous Australia’s hottest country acts.

It featured a whole host of Aboriginal artists, including Toyota Star Maker and Deadly award winner Todd Williams, legendary performer Vic Simms, Andy Alberts, Johnny Huckle and Gus Williams, who was honoured at last year’s Showcase.

Also appearing were Lindsay Connolly, Peta Barr, Bob Wilson, Lindsay Councillor, Red Ochre Creations, Serena Andrew and The Aboriginal Country Band, which was led by winner of last year’s Deadly for Band of the Year The Donovan’s Michael, Merv and Ashley.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” Agnes said after the concert, overflowing with excitement. “The place was packed, and the crowd was going off!

“Todd Williams just killed “˜em, and Andy Alberts rocked the whole place. And Vic Simms, Johnny Huckle, they killed “˜em too ” we just didn’t want them to stop!”

The concert was a fantastic way to open the festival’s Aboriginal Showcase, and only a small taste of what was yet to come!

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