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Little G

Talented rap artist Georgina Chrisanthopoulos aka Little G is wowing audiences with her rapping, beat boxing and break dancing style.

Little G is no novice when it comes to rapping either, she has been hard at it for three years after her older brother introduced her to the world of rap and hip-hop music.

“The moment I first heard rap music, I fell in love with it. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a rapper,” admits Little G.

One of Little G’s musical highlights to date would have to be her performance in the hip-hop musical ‘Bass Anger’. She so impressed the producers at her audition they gave her the lead role. Little G was RAPPED!

When Georgina first started to rap, she gave herself the name Baby G, but explains the name didn’t last too long.

“Because I’m so short, all of my friends called me Little G. The name has stuck ever since,” she laughs.

Twenty-one year old Little G is also a second year performing arts student, and works as a model, actor and dance teacher.

“I love teaching dance,” she says.

“I’m always willing to give anything a go and always try to encourage others to get involved as well.”

Currently living at Altona, in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Georgina says she often likes to head to the movies when she’s not tied up with her performing or simply kick back at home and read one of her many horror stories, which she says she really into.

Rap is becoming more and more popular here in Australia, and Little G recommends it to other girls to get into.

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