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Lazy Late Boys

Lazy Days

The Lazy Late Boys are a bunch of young fellas from the Gurindji speaking area of Daguragu who acquired their fitting name through reputation.

The band consists of John Leeman (lead vocals), William Smiler (back up vocals), Geoffrey Peters (drums), Robin Roock (bass guitar) and Howard King (rhythm guitar). They have been together since 1995 and all grew up in the region of Daguragu and Kalkaringi, 460 km south west of Katherine. The band write and sings both in English and Gurindji. Their music is best described as an energetic blend of rock and reggae and talks about love, love gone wrong and the importance of their culture.

So what will the Lazy Late Boys be doing this summer? Lazing around you would expect!

We recently caught up with John Leeman to find out, and according to him he will be in one of many places.

John can be found at his usual job in the bakery throughout summer, but out of work hours you will find him spending time with his children at his home which is 8 km from Kalkarindji.

He may also be found tucking into any of his many catches: wild turkey, kangaroo, goanna, barramundi or catfish that he has caught and cooked underground.

When the heat gets too much for him, he will be found taking a dip to cool off in Victoria River.

The Lazy Late Boys are now gearing up for the release of their new album, to be recorded at CAAMA in April 2001.

A happy and lazy summer to the Lazy Lª®e Boys.

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