Keep ‘Em Active

Name: Charlie Wilson

When it comes to kids, Charlie Wilson should know what he’s talking about. After all, he’s got five of them!

Charlie and his partner Barbara are the proud parents of Charlie, 11; Lachlan, 9; Andrew, 8; Ottalie, 3; and Nazareth, 1½.

“Sure, it’s hard work, but I love it,” Charlie says with a chuckle. “Initially we thought about having nine, but by the time we reached five we decided enough’s enough!”

Charlie, a landscaper, believes that showing his kids the difference that a healthy lifestyle can make is a really important part of bringing them up.

“When the Vibe 3on3 comes up this way we all head out there,” he says. “I show them Brothablack (Indigenous hip-hop artist) and Isaac Parsons (breakdancer) and I tell them, ‘See? That’s what you can achieve if you live right’.”

Charlie has taught all his kids the importance of eating right, going to school, and respecting family. He’s also not afraid to tackle the more serious issues that some parents shy away from.

“I tell them straight up, drugs and alcohol are dangerous. They know to stay away from them,” Charlie says. “I don’t push it too far, though.”

Charlie’s three boys are all avid sports fans, and play everything from basketball and soccer to AFL and league. Charlie also plays footy himself – when he gets the time.

“We spend our time shuttling them around from training session to training session,” Charlie laughs.

“But I don’t mind. I love my kids. They keep me going.”

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