In Good Company (Friendship)

Want to know to win friends and influence people? Be the friend you’d like to be

Sometimes it can be hard to make, or keep, friends. Moving to a new town, going to a new school, or experiencing a big change in your life can put you in a position where you might lose contact with your old group of friends. So how do you go about making new ones?

Some people find it easy to make friends. But for a lot of people, being shy or lacking social skills can make it more difficult to meet new people and form new friendships.

There is a saying that if you want to have a friend you need to be one. So how do you go about being a good friend?

  • Treat others the way you like to be treated, and they will offer you the same in return.
  • Accept people’s differences. Everyone is different, and if you accept this it gives you the chance to not only make friends, it also opens up the opportunity for new experiences and a new way of looking at things.
  • Don’t bad mouth. If you spend all your time talking about or criticising others, people will think that you’re two-faced and untrustworthy. Only say positive things about other people.
  • Be patient. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time to build a true friendship. Take it slow and allow the relationship to develop.

There is more to friendships than fitting in. Never compromise your own standards or values just to please someone else or make them like you. Real friends should share the same values.

Now that you know how to be a friend, how do you go about meeting them? If you’re at school, it’s easy to meet lots of new people, but as you get older, meeting people and making friends can get much harder.

Some ways to meet new friends:

  • Do you have a job? Make sure you attend any work social functions, such as birthday lunches or after work events.
  • What are your interests? Meet like-minded people by joining an interest group, such as a walking group or an art class, or do some volunteer work for a charity.
  • Don’t turn down invitations to parties or other social engagements.
  • When talking to someone new, ask them questions about themselves ” it’s a great way to get a conversation going.
  • Always look others in the eye, and smile! People like happy people.


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