Vanessa O’Brien

Gav was on fire, even before the vibe. IT WAS HIS VIBE. HIS VISION.

I co-piloted the Government’s youth marketing campaign with him in 1991-1992, before his move to Darlinghurst. Gavin always rocked it, even then. As a public servant, I’ll never forget him launching government messages for indigenous people, during half time, at the AFL grand final. Gavin was big, bold, and creative; not limited by the closed mentality of those around him. Gav created his own stage, and no stage, was big enough.

Please people. Don’t let this class act be in vain. The Government needs to find money NOW. If not, Government, then corporates. Please, give generously… contact Vibe Australia, with your pledges of donations. Get the Deadly Awards back on, in Gavin’s honour. Gav deserves his own award.

So sad, that this would be posthumously. Mr Gavolina, you lit up the world; for white fellas also. RIP my dear friend.. it hurts to know that you are gone, VANESSA O’BRIEN.

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