Pino Migliorino

I have known and worked along side Gavin for the past 20 years. I was infected by his enthusiasm, his passion, and his commitment to make a difference. I also shared the more difficult times after an MCGC meeting when GJCVibe had lost out on a tender. He was not sad about losing the work, he was sad at losing the opportunity to deliver the message, make a difference, improve someone’s life. His development and nurturing of those beautiful and meaningful products such as Vibe, Deadly Sounds, in Vibe, the Deadly Awards and the defunct 3 on 3 was beautiful. All were driven by him, all were an extension of him.

I had the privilege to review these the precious children a few years back and taken by Gavin’s vulnerability and concern at any potential criticism we may find. But there was no criticism to find. Each in its own way was and is necessary, each carrying the positive message of Aboriginal culture and need to be strong and healthy. I can only imagine how Gavin might have felt when made aware of the government’s funding intention. Hi loss must have been fathomless.

Gavin has left a legacy, a very real legacy of all the people who knew him, all the people he reached and in some way changed their lives, all the people he promoted for their achievements , strength and positive role modelling. There will be an outpouring of grief over these days and our sadness will remain but we must also fight to keep his legacy.

There will never be another Gavin Jones and I am a far better person for knowing him. Vale Gavin and my deepest condolences to his family and close friends. Our collective tears would be enough to fill a dam.

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