I am so truly saddened by the lost of a great activist who have made a huge contribution to all Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal students and teachers with the Vibe magazines. We have many teachers who love this wonderful educational resource, that is used in so many ways for all our kids!! plus the highlighting of our wonderful culture and achievement! Thank you, Gavin for your inspirations and innovations !!

A disappointment to hear that Deadly Vibe has had their funding cut and a lost to all our kids on a great educational resource. The government is again putting pressure and hardship on all our kids, on the lost of Deadly Vibe and the other programs. How do we now share our culture with the wider community. I don’t know if people remember the school magazines, what a great educational resource and that is what Vibe have been for all our Mob and wider community. Thank you all for your courage and enormous contribution, and I sincerely hope that the government will see sense and reinstate the funding for this great educational resource for all kids.

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