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Parents support is invaluable

Life is a joy for Duncan Hegarty and his wife as they send their children to school every day.

“We just want them to have a job they love and a comfortable lifestyle,” he says of the effort to prepare daughters Elaine, 5, and Miajyn, 6, for a bright and happy future.

“Getting a good education will help them do that.” Duncan is the son of author Ruth Hegarty, 84, who talks at schools to ensure children understand a good education will enable them to have an easier life.

Each school night Mr Hegarty and his wife Maria ensure their daughters get a good night’s sleep so they are ready to learn the next day.

They get the girls up and dressed in their Cherbourg State School uniform of a morning and ensure they have lunch in their bags before they go.

Elaine and Miajyn often bring reading books home from school.

“They love their books,” Mr Hegarty said. “They’ve got lots of them and love showing me parts of them they like.”

He and Maria also encourage the girls to pursue their dream to become ballerinas. “They love the dancing they do at school,” Maria said.

“They’re always dancing,” Duncan added. “It’s good fun.”

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