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Name: Ron Banks

We’re all proud of our kids’ achievements, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a prouder dad than Ron Banks.

Ron lives in south Adelaide and has two sons, aged nine and 15. He is a dedicated father who works hard to instil confidence and self-respect into his sons’ lives.

Ron used to be a teacher, but now works as an Aboriginal Education Worker (AEW) at several schools in the south Adelaide area.

“You can do so much more as an AEW,” he says. “You can build a better relationship with the community and deal with them on more than just an educational level.”

Ron is a proud Wergaia man, originally from north-western Victoria. He has made sure that his two sons have also been brought up to respect their culture.

“My sons are both strongly aware of their cultural heritage,” says Ron. “We always attend any community events, and my youngest son does traditional dance, as do I.

“I want both my sons to be strong Aboriginal role models.”

Apart from encouraging cultural pride, Ron also believes in fostering a healthy imagination.

It can really surprise and delight you when your child does something creative,” he says. “You should never stop your kids from using their imagination. My eldest son is turning out to be quite a talented writer, which is a skill that seems to be almost forgotten in these days of computer games.”

Ron and his sons all enjoy sport as well, and Ron works as a cricket coach for the local club, where he tries his best to encourage Indigenous boys and girls to participate.

“My eldest is currently trying out for the South Australian Indigenous under-20s State cricket squad, and he’s only 15,” says Ron proudly.

“Sport is a great way to build confidence. As a people, we have a natural athletic ability. I try to nurture that – not only in my own kids, but in all the kids I work with. I try to teach them to feel good about themselves.

“When someone feels good about themselves, they make other people around them feel good about themselves as well. That’s how I wish my sons to be.”

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