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Vibe 3on3 Rules

Vibe 3on3® Rules

The Vibe 3on3 rules are less complicated than in the normal basketball game of 5on5. After all, as many players as possible should be able to take part in it without first having to study whole books of rules? The most important rule is “˜Fair Play.’ Court Monitors at the 3 on 3 Challenge will clarify matters where there are disagreements, fouls and rule infringements.

Warm Up

Teams can warm up at the same time, but are required to share the time and space available prior to the beginning of the game. Teams that have been allocated for the next game on their court have sole rights to warm up on that court.


Dunking is not allowed during warm-ups or during the games. Special Dunking Competitions may be held during the Vibe 3on3 Challenge.


The first named team on the score sheet has first possession of the ball at the beginning of the game. The second named team on the score sheet has first possession of the ball to begin the second half of play.

To differentiate teams for the spectators, one team may be required to wear caps during the game. A coin flip will decide which team will be required to wear their caps during play.


If the shot is unsuccessful, play continues. If the offensive “˜shooting’ team gains the rebound i.e. retains possession after an unsuccessful shot attempt, it may continue to attack without passing the ball outside the designated point line. If the defensive team gains the rebound/possession, it must take the ball beyond the designated point line before starting an attack.

Each time a team has scored, the ball changes possession. Before the game continues, the ball has to be “˜checked’, i.e. touched by an opponent at the top of the designated point line. Before a basket is scored, two players of the attacking team must have touched the ball. A player cannot bring the ball into play after the “˜check’ and score from that single possession.


A successful basket made from any point inside the court area (as marked) scores ONE POINT (including beyond the three point line).


Only the captain of the team may complain in case of disagreements, deputizing for his/her team. When the game has resumed, the disagreement is considered as settled. If the disagreement is not readily settled over possession, a jump ball will be contested. It is preferred that a neutral person toss up the ball i.e. a parent or court monitor.

After every foul the attacking team receives the ball behind the designated point line or out of bounds, at the point nearest to the infringement.

Ball Out Of Play

When the ball passes over the base line or the sidelines, the opponents of the team which last touched the ball, bring it into play, at the point nearest to the ball going out.

Game Duration

The game is played in two x 10 minute halves, with a two minute break at half time. The time frame may alter to suit the circumstances of the competition. The organisers reserve the right to alter the duration of games.


Substitution of players may occur when a basket has been scored, when the ball is being checked or the ball is out of play. The opponents must be told of the substitution. There is no limit to the number of substitutions during a game, however a maximum of four players are entitled to register in any one team.

Time Outs

No time-outs will be allowed during the game. Time delays may be called for injuries at the organisers’ discretion.


Deliberate fouls on the attacking team are penalised by a free throw and possession of the ball is given to the fouled team. Every successful free throw scores one point.

When a player is fouled during the shooting action and the player makes the basket, the attacking team scores a point and the ball changes possession.

In case of poor behaviour, as determined by the organisers, the offending player/s may be disqualified from the competition. A team must have three registered players to continue in the tournament.

Rule Changes

The event administration reserves the right to change the rules, in consultation with team managers, to meet circumstances as they arise.

Each team is expected to keep itself informed about games, game times, and courts. Changes may need to be made to meet altering circumstances.


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