Move It Mob Style

Move it Mob Style is a 20 x 30-minute dance-based fitness program for television broadcast – and online. Currently in its fourth season of production, Move it Mob Style showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip hop and popular music. Move it Mob Style is all about good beats: using dance to stay healthy. With choreographers from all around the country, the program showcases the deadly dance moves found in communities all around Australia. Led by young people, Move it Mob Style gets the whole community up and moving, while listening to some of the best Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music on offer.

The guts of the program is a dance workout, with three routines per episode. There are 3 dancers or performers led by our host/instructor and a co-host/choreographer. The routine is a combination of different dance styles designed and developed by the co-host. Exercises and dance moves are repeated in each of the three tracks to help the audience learn the combinations. Scattered between these dance routines, and linked by our studio hosts, are pre-recorded segments.


From one episode to the next, different moves are shown and created from the moves collected in different communities – a Move it Mob Style ‘movement vocabulary’. Over the Move It Mob Style journey, we learn moves like ‘accelerate’, ‘fishing for barra’ and ‘reach for the stars’ to name a few.

Move it Mob Style is supported by Class Activity Worksheets that can be accessed on the Move it Mob Style website.

Now in its fourth season, it has been nominated for an ASTRA Award and two ATOM Awards, and continues to be well received by fans across the country.

Due to the success of Move it Mob Style , we have started delivering Move it Mob Style Live to communities around Australia. You can check out some of the Move it Mob Style moves here.