Deadly Vibe Wire

Deadly Vibe Wire was one of the newest elements of Vibe Australia. It allowed Vibe Australia to expand its reach, build on its online presence and report on news and events in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on a weekly basis.

Just before Deadly Vibe Wire concluded, due to the re-direction of Vibe Australia’s funding to the Australian Government’s programs that deliver front line services from 1 July, Deadly Vibe had almost 20,000 subscribers and had published over 60 editions.

Stories covered include music, culture, sport, health, education and the arts, with a strong focus on community stories that promoted the achievements at the grassroots community level.

Vibe Australia would like to thank all involved in the production of Deadly Vibe Wire and particularly those that shared their stories with us to promote positive achievement and contribution to Deadly Vibe Wire readers and subscribers.

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